Welcome to Ashley West Works, my online portfolio.

I love meaningful quotes and inspirational phrases; I think it fitting I share with you some words from my favorite author, Mitch Albom. This is "the story of my recent life..." he writes. "It makes more sense than 'the story of my life' because we get so many lives between birth and death. A life to be a child. A life to come of age. A life to wander, to settle, to fall in love, to parent, to test our promise, to realize our mortality- and in some lucky cases, to do something after that realization."

I know I have yet to experience all that God has written in my story, but I love this quote because it gives hope to the present moment. It makes me realize that life isn't defined by a job, that age isn't limited to a number and that history doesn't determine the future. Rather, this life that we live is ever-changing. Nothing is permanent. Everything is a continual experience.

Like Albom says, "...we get so many lives in between life and death." All of which are experiences that can be retold, both verbally and visually. I would love to create an experience with you, that captures the essence of who you are and where you are in your "recent life." What you will gain from an experience with Ashley West Works is a piece of your personal story - one that you will keep for generations to come.