Hi! I'm Ashley.

Welcome to Ashley West Works,

my online portfolio.


 Born and raised in California, I am a full-time flight attendant based in Boston. I travel often, but shoot as much as possible. My love, for both flying and photography, has given me the opportunity to travel and photograph people and places all over the world. I graduated Chapman University with a BA in PR/Advertising. As I continue to grow my business, I spend a majority of my days off shooting, editing and traveling. 

To counter balance my life up in the air, I try to stay grounded with a variety of activities, doing things that bring me joy.  I value my R&R , but I find that a great deal of my happiness comes from the little things in life: Time with my family. A home-cooked meal. Catching up with friends. Going to church. A good workout. Unexpected texts. Surprises. Finishing a good book. Board games. Teaching a Sunday morning spin class. Game nights. Bike rides. Sunsets. Laughing until my stomach hurts. Sleeping in.  And the simplicity of nature and all things living.

I could add about a million more of my favorite things to that list, but I'm trying to be succinct. So, on that note...

For those of you that do know me, most of my friends would agree that I'm not the best at retelling stories. For years, I've struggled with this known fact, hoping that one day I can actually recount an experience that was altogether short, meaningful and impactful, rather than drawn-out, repetitious and overly-detailed. But, alas, to this day, my stories will continue to entertain those with enough patience to listen to a seven minute recollection of an ever-eventful trip to the grocery store. 

The way I see it, I may not have been gifted with ability to story "tell," but rather, the ability to story "show." And since I've come to realize this, I've used my camera and my creativity to help me retell intimate, profound and heartfelt stories of love, dreams, commitment and adventure. I feel blessed and honored to those of you who have entrusted me with that task. 

Surely, I may not be able to recall a day or a weekend or a trip with the most eloquent of words, but I will have a photograph to prove to you that that moment was certainly worth talking about. Because, that moment was truly something to be remembered. It was certainly something special. And that moment, will always have a story behind it.

I'd be honored to help you show the world your story.